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CAMBA houses one of the largest and finest collections of Shona Sculptures in the United States. We own sculpture of the top Shona Sculptors – Henry Munyaradzi, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Bernard Matemera, Moses Masaya, Richard Mteki and Colleen Madamombe, to name a few.

Shona Sculptures are created by artists of Zimbabwe’s Shona people, the nation’s largest ethnic group. These sculptures, created by the Shona people of the southern African country of Zimbabwe, are part of a stone-carving tradition that dates back to the 10th century. They are found in the collections of major museums and discerning art collectors worldwide.

While their work is inspired by their deeply-held spiritual beliefs, folklore and daily life, Shona sculptors, in turn, have inspired many western artists. While the themes of these sculptures make reference to modern life, the sculptures are created much as they were thousands of years ago. The sculptors use simple chisels to "release" the spirits of the stone. Rendered in richly-colored native stone such as serpentine, opal stone and verdite, the sculptures often portray embracing families, indigenous animals, protective spirits and blissful dreamers.